Monday, October 17, 2011

Pearl markets and pub crawls

For our last full day in Shanghai, we headed out for Old Town. We had seen a lot of older, stereotypical Chinese looking buildings around the city and had no idea what they were. They were Old Town.

We walked around for a few hours, taking in how much shopping was around us. SO. MANY. THINGS. Thankfully, all three of us were broke, or we probably would have spent entirely too much money. As it was, I still bought a scarf and two long strands of pearls.

We actually stumbled upon a seemingly legit looking pearl market, so we took quite a bit of time to explore up there (before heading for another Starbucks). 

My new favorite saying.

Later that night, we had a Shanghai pub crawl to go on. Ike works for this company that does pub crawls, so for 150 yuan, I got to go on a party bus for my birthday in SHANGHAI! (Came to find out later, I could have done it for free since it was my birthday, but oh well).

The party bus was really cool. It stopped at four different bars, and there was a huge group of people from all over the world.

The pub crawl crew.

We couldn't get over the name of this bar.

Our respective party items.

The fools I'm in China with.

My wonderful birthday in a wonderful city.

Me and Emily at some underground bar. No, literally, it was
in a basement.

Some of us ladies.

Last stop of the night.

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