Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some pictures from my homestay

Okay, I'm still waiting for my parents to send me my cord to upload my own pictures to facebook and this blog. I did, however, get a few pictures in my email today from Charlotte, my homestay sister. Don't worry, there will be more to come soon!!

The garden had tons of statues like these, of people
playing different instruments.
Charlotte, aka the best homestay "sister" ever.
They had this real crocodile out, just chilling on the table.
We were able to pet and hold it, so that was pretty cool.

Me and Charlotte at the garden.
Some of the plants.

Those buildings in the background are actual apartments.
Some people have balconies overlooking this indoor
garden. Jealous.

By the palm trees.

There were tons and tons of palm trees in this place.

At the foreign goods mall.

I think this was supposed to be "Italy" at the international mall.

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  1. Sounds like you're adjusting just fine! Although I cant help but think of the movie "Taken"...You be careful meeting new people Meredith :) Have fun with your classes! Cant wait to read more blogs!