Sunday, August 21, 2011

What just happened there?

Okay, so dinner tonight.

It was pretty good. We went to this Indian/Chinese restaurant. The food was pretty good, even though we ended up ordering fish when we thought we were ordering chicken. The food wasn't the best part of the story, though. This is:

So, Chinese children and babies love to wave at Americans. They can also be really, extremely shy if you wave back at them, but for the most part they seem to like it. In the restaurant, this little boy (about 1 1/2) ran over by our table to stare at us, followed closely by his father. My initial shock was to see that he had a slit in his pants instead of diapers. Yes, of course I'd heard that they do this..but it's one thing to hear about it and another thing to SEE it. After dealing with the shock of seeing this, I smiled and waved at the little boy.

Apparently this was waaaaaay too much for him to handle.

He peed himself.

And by he peed himself, I mean, he peed on the floor. Of this really nice restaurant. And no one cleaned it up.

I'm talking, we sat there for a good twenty minutes after it happened, waiting for someone to do something. And all that happened was that someone made a half-assed attempt to sweep it up. Sweet.

I'm glad we had already finished eating.


  1. This WOULD happen to you. Oh man. I'm really enjoying your blog, haha. I'm so glad to hear that you're adjusting, though! We miss you, but I'm seriously SUPER jealous of your China adventure, too. Hang in there, love! <3