Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our adventures with Jack

We officially have a Chinese baller friend.

We met Jack last week, when he came to our apartment to offer us an unofficial second job teaching night classes. We agreed that we would meet him on Saturday morning to talk about the details.

Saturday morning rolls around, and he picks us up at 10:15 AM. It's pouring out, and I get a text from Jack that says he's at the "front gate" of our building. Seeing that the door to the building is unlocked, we were wondering why he didn't just come in. Turns out, it was because he actually drove to pick us up. This was the first time we've been in a car other than a taxi in China.

This car is sweet. It's an all black Audi with dark, dark tinted windows. Jack picked us up and drove us downtown, to the Future Mall. The tutoring place that we went to was so cool. First, it was by the Future Mall, so it's in the richer part of the city. It was on the 12th floor, and had all these big, open windows, and a beautiful view of the city.

We met with a lady who runs a kindergarden, but she needed a teacher to come from 11:10-11:50 two times a week. None of us had that time open in our schedules. It was too bad, because I think it would have been really adorable to teach kindergarten. The second plan is that the three of us will be teaching night classes to 13-15 year olds. Not too bad. We're getting paid pretty well for it, too.

Another neat thing about this school is that it has a "bar" built in it. It has these white pod chairs, and lotus flower lights. During the day, it just serves water, tea, and soda. On the weekend, though, Jack told us we could use it as we please, and bring our friends and alcohol to it to use for parties. Sweet.

A note about Jack: he is clearly loaded. He drives a super nice car, and is a total businessman. He owns one company, and has his hand in multiple other projects. From the sounds of it, he has a construction company, he finds foreign teachers for schools around the city, he used to own a bar, and he has a gym that trains boxers. His younger and older brothers also own tons of things. As he was driving us around the city, he kept saying, "My brother owns this bar..." or, "If you tell the owner you know me, you can get __________ for free..." It was awesome.

After showing us the school, he took us to the top floor of the Future Mall for lunch. This restaurant is by far the nicest restaurant I've seen in Shijiazhuang so far. They must know him, because as soon as we walked in, they took us to a back room, where they had a table waiting for us. The food there was so good. We had ribs and the Chinese version of steak. I wasn't a huge fan of the steak, but it was still good. We also had ice cream, a lot of vegetables, a tofu dish, rice, and squid. Jack ordered so much food.

I'm also pretty sure that Jack is going to take us for Pizza on Monday night, so I'm extremely excited for that. Mmm.

It looks like Jack is the perfect friend to have in China.

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