Thursday, September 1, 2011

You know you're in China when... create your own home bootcamp because you can't figure out how to join a gym.

Miscommunication seems to be the only constant in our lives while here in China. That's fine with me, because it's given me a list of some pretty hilarious things that have happened to us:

1. Being given lamb hearts instead of pork.
2. Always being brought hot water instead of tea.
3. A little boy bringing a full cucumber to our table instead of a cooked dish with vegetables.

These, however, are very minor details in comparison to our encounter with a local waitress.

There's a restaurant right down the street that has some delicious dishes. It's become our "spot" while we're here, because, for the most part, we get what we think we've ordered. The people who work there are really understanding and try to work with us (and our phrasebooks).

The other night, we went out to eat with Emily. There's a younger teenage girl who works there. We ordered the most delicious meal EVER. There was a table behind us that had been there longer than we had, so they were getting their food first. As the waitress walked by, we saw the dish she was carrying, and it looked amazing. We had eaten this green bean and asparagus dish a few nights before at a different restaurant, and it looked like this one might be the same thing. Lauren tried to grab the girl's attention and point to the question "What is that?" in her phrasebook. Misunderstanding her, the girl pointed her finger at Lauren and spoke the only English word she knew: "No!"

We're pretty sure she thought Lauren was trying to steal that table's food.

The next time she walked by, with that table's second dish, as she passed by Lauren, she actually took the plate and held it on the side of her body that was away from Lauren... In other words, she actually shielded the food from Lauren's sight because she was afraid she was trying to steal food from other tables.

We may or may not be known as the American food snatchers at that restaurant now.

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